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Get one step closer to your favorite college, scholarship, or your future career. Explore and navigate new digital skills, and internship experiences while collaborating with an amazing network of global leaders.

A Global Learning Network of Young Leaders


What do you think makes a good leader? Is it the way you walk, or is it the way you speak? Can you keep a secret? It is none of that! Great leaders possess confidence, resilience, critical thinking, and good management skills. How many have you got? In case you didn’t check them all off, we’ve got you covered! Scroll down and design your own learning pathway.

No grades

No stress

Flexible schedule


Start Your Learning Journey Under On Your Own Terms!


Learning Pathway


Collaborate with Navigators from all over the world


Acquire new marketable skills from global leaders


Start building ideas for your future projects


Facilitate courses or lead personal projects


Get a certificate and start building your resume


Community Feedback

This project brings people together to prepare them for the future. It helps you with social and communication skills, hard skills, and it offers you a view of how professional teams are working in companies or everywhere.

I really want to congratulate you on not making this project competitive. You just made everything more about the team than about anything else. Good job!

I would personally like to recommend Nobel Navigators, as it is an amazing program that provides you with the skills you can use in the future.